Boost your N-Tier Business Model with Cloud Costs Reseller Management

Microsoft launched the Cloud Solution Provider Program with two different partner models. A Direct Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) deals directly with Microsoft and sells the resources from Microsoft to his customers. The direct CSP has the requirement to process all the purchases through his e-commerce portal against the Microsoft Partner Center. Creating new customers or registering new subscriptions is part of the direct CSPs role.

Compared to the direct model the Indirect Cloud Solution Provider is a company working together with a direct CSP to purchase Cloud resources. Microsoft delegated the billing process and the transparency requirement to the Direct CSP. Cloud Cost can help a lot in simplifying this process by offering a management portal for Direct CSPs, Indirect CSPs and Customers of CSPs.

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Cloud Costs is happy to announce the Reseller Management functionality. Resellers can be managed and used for all kind of contracts independent from the Microsoft CSP program, so Cloud Costs is the single solution on the market which extends the CSP business model to EA, AWS and GCP contracts as well. This new feature can also be used to delegate the management of a part of a contract to a subsidiary, daughter company or external service provider.

Just activate your first reseller by visiting the Reseller Management Portal in Cloud Costs:


Last but not least assign multiple customers to the newly created reseller in the CSP portal:


A simple and easy jump start into your N-Tier Business Model to become a more powerful Cloud Solution Provider.

Interested in the new feature?
Getting started with Cloud Costs for CSPs is very easy, just visit our portal for Cloud Solution providers and enroll in the CSP program as described here. To become part of the CSP support an existing trial account or an enterprise plan is required.

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