Act like a CSP/MSP with your Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Today we’re very excited to announce the availability of our Enterprise Agreement support for the Azure Costs Cloud Solutions Providers platform.

Several months ago, Microsoft introduced the Cloud Solution Provider program . This program enables companies from the technical and the business perspective, to resell Azure resources or complex solutions on top of the Azure cloud.  

Azure Costs supports the Cloud Solutions Provider program since day one and has a lot of experience in processing Enterprise Agreements. Therefore we’re very happy to now release our Enterprise Agreement support for the Azure Costs CSP platform. This update brings together both business models, Enterprise Agreements and CSP Partners. Azure Costs allows you to use Enterprise Agreements in the same way as CSP accounts.

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This new option supports your migration from an Enterprise Agreements based Managed Service Provider to a real Cloud Solution Provider. Just combine all the different costs in a single and holistic portal. In addition, there are some important features dedicated to Enterprise Agreement customers only:

Define customers based on every property of your choice: 
As the Enterprise Agreement does not support customers out of the box, Azure Costs adds this functionality and gives every EA contract holder the same features as you have in the CSP ecosystem.

Define Cloud Solution Provider Margins:
This allows every CSP to differentiate between the pricing Microsoft offers to the EA and the price the CSP offers for the customer. Just define the different pricing tier per customer individually.

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Generate Cloud Solution Provider Filters:
This allows to hide services which are not charged for the customer. Only services targeted by the CSP filter will appear in the customer portal.

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Offer a customer spending portal besides a reseller spending Portal:
This allows your customers to manage the spendings by their own. This portal gives your customers 100% the same features incl. team management as if they would sign up to Azure Costs with an enterprise edition directly and an EA contract.

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Interested in the new feature?
Getting started with Azure Costs for CSPs is very easy, just visit our new portal just for Cloud Solution providers and enroll into the CSP program as described above. To become part of the CSP support an existing trial account or an enterprise plan is required.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to