2018 will make cloud spending optimization more efficient and easier

What a rush, 2017 is over and Azure Costs, a growing cost management and optimization platform, delivered tons of great features and improvements.
We made our support for Cloud Service Providers available and now allow every CSP to implement complex N-Tier models and billing portal capabilities. This solution gives every customer cloud-vendor-independent transparency of cloud spendings and allows to leverage optimization potentials.

We are very excited to also start the new year with a firework of great features and functional enhancements:

Amazon Web Services availability – Welcome to Cloud Costs
Focusing on just a single cloud provider is like having only one single data center without any redundancy and a big vendor lock on. Customers are focusing more and more on a virtual data center strategy to take care of high availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

We are very happy to support this activities by offering the integration of Amazon Web Services into the Azure Costs spending management platform as public beta, available for ever plan right now.

Login and Register your AWS contract right now!

aws_logo_smile_1200x630In addition, we will release the support for the Google Cloud Platform later this year. Honouring the evolution Azure Costs did and giving a clear commitment to support all major cloud vendors in the future, we decided to give our service a new home. From now on you can reach our platform as Cloud Costs service here:

Visit Cloud Costs

The old location will stay in place and we do not plan to discontinue any location. Technically all customers who are using azure-costs.com or cloud-costs.com are using the same platform and are having access to the same features.

Reserved Instance Management Beta Program

The nature of Virtual Machines or services based on virtual machines like Azure Batch or AWS Beanstalk is a more or less static usage pattern. The deployed resources are not that dynamic as in Azure Functions or AWS Lambda where every customer pays per function call. Because of that and for better predictability Amazon and Microsoft offer Reserved Instances. Reserved Instances in the Azure Cloud are brand new and only available for Pay as you Go and EA contracts. CSP customers need to be patient for a couple more month.

Cloud Costs is very proud to now offer support for managing reserved instances as private beta. Later this year we will be happy to make this available for customers with a payed plan without any additional charge.

Register to Reserved Instance Management Beta

ri-azureYou are invited to register for the private beta of the Reserved Instance Management capabilities. We are happy to involve you shortly.

Microsoft Azure Certified Solution
Our solution is a reliable service and our goal is to prove this whereever it’s possible. The first result of the verification activities is that Azure Costs became a verified Azure solution. Feel free to check our registration in the Azure App Sources marketplace here.



Azure Stack Partner Program
A couple of month ago Microsoft delivered the first official release of Azure Stack which gives service providers but also enterprise customers the flexibility of the Azure Cloud locally hosted in their own data center.


Register for the Azure Stack Partner Program

Cloud Costs would like to bring the power of his spending management platform combined with all features of the Cloud Solution Provider suite to Azure Stack customers. We are looking for partners who would like to implement a powerful spending management and optimization solution on top of an existing Azure Stack infrastructure. Register right now, we are looking forward to hearing from you.