Managing multiple CSP, EA and AWS accounts made easy – Service Provider Portal

Being a successful Multi-Cloud Solution Provider means often ending up with a contract sprawl by supporting Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform in different regions for different currencies. At least Microsoft enforces cloud solution providers to sign up for one contract per currency. Consolidation and M&A activities could also become a reason for ending up with multiple CSP contracts in different currencies.

azure costs - azure cloud cost optimization made easy 2019-05-04 09-47-18

The Cloud Costs CSP portal allows every Cloud Solution Provider to track, manage and optimize spendings including offering customer spending portals for the required transparency the majority of customers need. The new Service Provider Portal offers another visualization and an aggregated view on all CSP, EA and AWS contracts at the same time.

azure costs - azure cloud cost optimization made easy 2019-05-04 09-49-32

The new consolidated view through all contracts allows you to align different contract currencies to the standard currency of your company. These make it easier to compare markets to each other, never miss an emerging market.

Interested in the new feature?
Getting started with Cloud Costs for CSPs is very easy, visit our portal for Cloud Solution providers and enroll in the CSP program as described here. To become part of the CSP support an existing trial account or an enterprise plan is required.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to

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