Support for Amazon Web Services

Focusing on just a single cloud provider is like having only one single data center without any redundancy. Many customers focused on a virtual data center strategy take care of high availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery. We will support this activities by introducing the upcoming integration of Amazon Web Services into the Azure Costs spending management platform.


Together with the Amazon Web Services Team the Azure Costs team is able to re-define the way to manage cloud spendings on a cloud vendor independent platform. We are happy to invite you for an exclusive access to the Amazon Web Services Beta program in Azure Costs. Please register here:

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We will send you technical details for getting access to our beta program and will keep you updated regarding product news.

Interested in the new feature?
Getting started with Azure Costs for AWS is very easy, just register for our closed beta as described above. To become part of the private beta an existing free basic plan is required.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to