Day-By-Day Spending Tracking and Usability Enhancements

Today we’re very excited, to announce the release of our updated Azure Costs service. This new version gives you advanced features and functions to manage your spendings more efficient and configure daily reports & alerts more granularly.

Day-by-Day Spendings and quantity reports

Managing costs on a monthly basis is sometimes not enough and to in-accurate for business which runs within days or even hours. Azure Costs now introduces the option to track the spendings on a per day view for every single service.


This option enables you to identify costs spikes much more efficient and react on them instantly.

Define Notification Settings for Team-Members
A couple weeks ago we introduced the possibility to manage more granular notifications including alert policies. Every team administrator is now able to configure the notification settings for team members in the same powerful way.



Aggregation of SQL Backup Exports in EA spendings
Microsoft started counting every single SQL export as a single entry in the service list when the customer is using an enterprise agreement. Azure Costs aggregates this information now correctly per database.

New Filter operations
Sometimes selecting all services which have or do not have a specific tag or which follow or do not follow a specific naming convention is very helpful. The new filter operations notContains and notStartsWith allows to build these kind of filters very easily.



Manage a secondary e-mail address
Customers working with Azure Active Directory are sometimes facing the issue that the account address is not the primary contact address. Azure Costs now allows to change this by the team administrator very easily.


Interested in the new features?
Try the new features today by simply logging into your azure costs account. The features are part of any plan.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to

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