Get notified about new team members

The azure costs team is pleased to announce the launch of the team admin notification support.
The new feature enables team managers and administrators to get notified when a team member activates his account. A team administrator gets a message when a user accepts the invitation or is joined automatically when accessing the service via Azure Active Directory account.


How to get started?
The team administrator notification feature is part of every enterprise subscription. Enabling the notification in azure costs is this simple: 

1) Log in to the azure costs Dashboard and if you don’t have a team account migrate to a team (optional): 


2) Select “Manage Team”  in the drop down on the avatar and open the newly introduced settings page.

3) Just switch the notification on with the displayed checkbox:


Interested in the team notification feature?
Try the new feature today by simply logging into your azure costs service and migrate to a team account. The feature is part of any enterprise plan and part of any trial.