Daily Spending Reports now with Subscription Breakdown

Getting a displayed number in the daily report isn’t always enough. For staying up to date on a daily basis concerning Azure spendings it’s way better to have a subscription breakdown available which helps to identify the biggest cost drivers or to oversee unplanned spikes.

So the Azure Cost Monitor Team is very pleased to announce the support for subscription breakdowns in the daily spending report, starting today.


How to get started?

The subscription breakdown is part of your daily spending reports automatically. So no further actions are required to get a great overview about your daily spendings. As usual, settings concerning the daily spending report can be adapted in the settings of the contract in the navigation bar.

Interested in the Subscription Breakdown feature:
Try the new feature today by simply logging into your Azure Cost Monitor. The feature is part of any plan, starting from the free Basic plan up to the Enterprise plan.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to help@azure-costs.com.

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