Azure Cost Monitor for Service Providers & Resellers

Are you an Azure reseller or a cloud service provider offering Microsoft Azure services? If so, we start offering you a smarter way to have control about the cloud spendings of your customers or to give your customers a great monitoring tool, seamlessly integrated in your service architecture. The Azure Cost Monitor Reseller Portal is a new way for service providers and resellers to monitor, manage & measure costs in the Microsoft Azure cloud:


Besides the Enterprise Edition features, the portal will come with these additional features:

  • Customer Management Dashboard
    Manage access to the Azure account or a specific subscription for your customers. Invite new users or assign an existing Azure Active Directory group to provide access rights.
  • Custom SSL & Domain support
    Integrate the service seamlessly in your or the customers service architecture, with a service provider or customer specific domain incl. SSL certificates.
  • Custom pricing & currency support
    Especially when you resell just a simple subscription or if you add some reseller service charges to the pricing, a custom pricing table helps you to manage this complexity.
  • Data access via RESTful API
    A strong integration, e.g. into an existing data warehouse or CRM application is easy and simple with the existing RESTful API.
  • Allows to resell enterprise editions
    Having a reseller edition allows every reseller and cloud service provider to resell Azure Cost Monitor enterprise editions with an individual margin.

Interested? Signup for the early adaptor program and get direct access to the current system.


We hope this feature makes it simple to maintain your customers with the Azure Cost Monitor and makes it much easier for you to manage and control all costs. Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our feedback portal or drop a mail to